Every piece is unique

The Pearl Ladies is a handmade pearl jewerly store located in Plettenberg Bay, RSA. Jewelry design is an art that The Pearl Ladies have mastered. Like any work of art, the piece mould to a set context, making every jewel unique.


The gifs of nature

Oyster shells are a treasure trove that man has preyed on for centuries. This is because they are living organisms that produce a beautiful stone that man cannot imitate. They are simple gifts of nature that embody the beauty of our planet.


Designed by our creators

On their quests for supplies, the Pearl Ladies visualise their future designs when seeing the stones. They don’t sketch or plan, they do. They have a set of stones staring at them and let the masterpiece create itself.

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Handmade Pearl Jewerly Store

The Pearl Ladies’ creations are unique pieces of jewellery. They stem from our passion for pearls and for jewellery design. Our objective is to create a character-reflective piece of jewellery that is unique to you.

Pearls are one of nature’s gifts. Their mystical emergence in oyster shells has puzzled man for centuries and therefore fuelled a number of legends. Built over centuries, the mystic element we associate to pearls has seduced countless generations, including the Pearl Ladies. Their creations are a result of their common passion for pearls and their desire to create pieces of timeless beauty.