The Pearl Ladies

“The richest merchandise of all, and the most sovereign commodity throughout the whole world, are these Pearls”
Pliny The Elder, Historia Naturalis, A.D. 105

We guarantee you both the quality of every pieces and their originality. We welcome support and encouragement for a local business aspiring to open its customers’ eyes and hearts to the magical world of pearls and jewelry design.

How it began

In 1999, Ronel was introduced to pearls by her fairy godmother, who had recently returned from a 10 year stay in Japan. It was love at first sight for Ronel. She quickly became enthralled in the world of pearls, delving into the depths of their very own history, researching how they are currently farmed, and, most importantly, learning how to string.

Stringing pearls is a skill that requires dedication, time and practice. Ronel’s fingers were naturally agile and stringing pearly quickly became second nature to her. During her pregnancy, with her son Yanko, Ronel dedicated her time to opening The Pearl Lady in Plettenberg Bay, Main Street.

This small town, set on the Garden Route in South Africa, has traits similar to what one would imagine Saint-Tropez being in the 1950s. Ronel’s shop blossomed in the midst of this high street and integrated in the Plett community, despite it being the high-end shop of the town.


Our story

On a family holiday with close friends, Sharon discovered Plett and fell under its spell. Within days of her first visit, she bought a house and enough jewellery to make her husband nervous at customs.

The Pearl Lady became a safe for Sharon, who was seeking refuge from clients harassing her whilst on holiday. The spark with Ronel was instantaneous. Watching them beaver away was like watching two children in a sweetie shop. Little did they know that their yearly play-dates would transform into a partnership.

In 2013, Sharon stepped into The Pearl Lady with a business proposal: creating a platform for The Pearl Lady to strive internationally. She dreamed of a duo that would couple Ronel’s creative talent and her innovative business mind-set. Four years later, The Pearl Lady became known as The Pearl Ladies.

All our jewelry is handmade in on Plett Main Street, by Cindy, Ronel’s assistant, or the pearl lady herself.


Quintessentially feminine, The Pearl Ladies’ collections know no borders in pearl variety. Whether it be cultured pearls or the world famous South Sea pearls, we always guarantee the quality of our pearls.

It’s up to you to decide what piece of jewelry fist best your desires. And why not create your own design ?




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Customer's Testimonials

Nikky Ferrari

I am thrilled with the selection of necklaces I bought from The Pearl Ladies. I gave in to a little shopping frenzy when I realised that the four necklaces I loved where named after the “Sex and the City” characters. How original is that!? Everyone has been complimenting me on them. They really are out of the ordinary pieces.

Nikky Ferrari


Josephine Shakkud

I am incredibly impressed with the quality of The Pearl Ladies’ service. I was inspired by their “Create your Own” offer even though I feared that their design might not correspond to my wishes. I was wrong! I received regular feedback from The Pearl Lady and was always up to date regarding the process being made on my necklace. The process was quickly and simple and before I knew it I was wearing my very own design. I am delighted with the result. I would never have been able to purchase a piece of such good quality and that truly reflects my artistic side in my usual jewellery-hunting environment.

Josephine Shakkud